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Medical Device Safety Act

Updated: May 1, 2019

From our Essure advocates - We are excited to announce the bipartisan Medical Device Safety Act #MDSA will be reintroduced in May with six members of the House committed to co-sponsoring this bill!

This is great news, but we need you to reach out to all of your Members of Congress. In the House, we need more co-sponsors and in the Senate, we need Senators to introduce a companion bill.

This push can be done in many ways - emailing, meeting with Members or their staff in district offices, commenting on social media, attending events such as town halls, etc. The possibilities are endless! The more Members of Congress hear from their constituents the more they will take notice. Feel free to enlist your friends and family to help.

If you need help on how to get started check out the ASHES Advocating Safety in Healthcare E-Sisters webpage: https://www.ashesnonprofit.com/mdsa-push for more information. There are links to find your Members of Congress, step by step instructions and sample emails for you to personalize and send.

"Together we can change the world."

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