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2/11/19 - Fun foods = CRAZINESS in my body!!

Symptoms: higher energy BUT nose sores, bleeding gums, fibromyalgia point PAIN, neuropathy (walking on glass), stomach pain, joint pain, face swelling, ringing in the ears

Over the past few years, I've had to alter my diet DRAMATICALLY to manage the severe food sensitivities that have gotten worse over time. It all started about 4 years ago when I started having more debilitating pain and decided to try the Whole30 program to 'cleanse' my body. I learned to eat a much more balanced diet, focusing more on fruits, VEGGIES, and whole foods, staying away from processed foods and SUGAR. And, thankfully, that worked for awhile...until it DIDN'T. What started as primarily sugar sensitivity started to branch out into other food groups. I underwent 'food sensitivity testing' and elimination diets, worked with a dietician, had testing done to rule out food allergies, again trying EVERYTHING to help my body manage food consumption without adverse symptoms after every meal. NOTHING WORKED! Fast forward a few years and now I can't eat ANY 'fun' foods without being CRIPPLED and even my healthy BORING diet causes double vision, head hum, pain, cramping after all meals. What am I supposed to do if I can't even EAT anymore...no FOOD = DEATH! I think about how strict I have to eat right now to manage this body; I can't even imagine where I would be if I enjoyed the typical American diet, laden with processed foods, sugar, chemicals. I honestly believe I'd be in a wheelchair, in a hospital, or DEAD by now. I honestly cannot believe what this illness does to the body over time, it literally causes a slow, painful, STARVING, death! God I really hope more women will heed the warning of those of us who are struggling to get our lives back, that they will trust the fact that implants are TOXIC, it's a FACT...and fake boobs can eventually KILL anyone, it's just matter of time!!

The DETOX process prior to surgery (and POST surgery) is very important for so many reasons. When the body has spent years trying to rid itself of the toxins from the implants, the natural detoxification processes begin to 'down regulate' when it comes to all other toxins that invade the body, the toxins we face EVERY DAY just living on this planet (lower quality foods, poor air quality, germs, etc) So what will happen when the body no longer needs to fight the BOOBS?!?! It will shift back into it's natural detox mode and begin FLUSHING all the stored toxins from foods, alcohol, poor air/smoke, etc. This is GREAT and very necessary but can be a struggle after major surgery and the stress that puts on the body. I firmly believe it is IMPERATIVE that women try to eat as CLEAN and healthy as possible leading up to surgery date and hopefully adopt a healthy eating lifestyle after surgery, to really embrace the best form of HEALING the body can offer. After all we have put our poor bodies through by requiring it to carry around these toxic bags for so many years, isn't chosing to live a healthier lifestyle from now on the LEAST we can do!?!?!?!

This link further explains this detoxifaction process and offers some GREAT tips: https://healingbreastimplantillness.com/detoxification/

I also highly recommend a SPIRITUAL DETOX JOURNEY with this VEGAN Fast: http://www.daniel-fast.com/

I have been doing this fast leading up to my surgery date to help me come to terms with this big decision and to help me to make a mental shift regarding how I will feel about my body after surgery and the personal growth and ENLIGHTENMENT is more than I ever expected, truly INCREDIBLE! (See Daniel Fast BLOG)

"Love yourself enough to let go of all things TOXIC: toxic friends, toxic foods, toxic thoughts, toxic BOOBS!"

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