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"FLOATING" - Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Updated: May 7, 2020


As my health issues continued to plaque me over the years, I found myself contiunously searching for ways to manage my symptoms. Anxiety is something I've dealth with for years (as a child but signficantly worse after I had implants put in at age 20) I found ways to manage, even used booze for a long time until my body could no longer take the pollution. When I decided to focus on a healthier lifestyle and embrace regular exercise again, I learned my "sweat sessions" worked to manage my busy mind very well. But after time, even that wasnt' working. I tried eating better, avoiding processed foods and SUGAR (stimulant!), and no luck there either. My anxeity levels increased all the time and I soon found myself having mini panic attacks for no reason. I honestly felt like I was going INSANE! The scariest moment was when I was on a backpacking trip with my best friend in Mammoth and although I've always had a fear of heights, I've always managed being in high elevation fairly well. Well, that changed fast! On our trip, we were a bit lost (scary but not enough for what came next) so we were skirting some narrow trails trying to find our way down the mountain. I got so freaked out at one point that I actually found myself clinging to a tree root on the side of the mountain thinking I was going to fall down the mountain and die! In that moment, I actually froze in fear, I couldn't move a muscle!! I was stuck to that tree root for several minutes, unable to let go...absolutely terrified!! I've never had such an intense reaction to anxiety in my life. I wasn't that close to the edge and yet my mind told me I was...and I believed it! CRAZY! Fast forward to finding another hiker that helped us get down the mountain, when she saw how frightened I was on the narrow trails as we traversed the mountain on our way down, she brought up "floating". I had also mentioned I had struggles with chronic pain and several autoimmune issues. My new found 'angel' friend said she had a friend that had similar ailments to mine and her friend was able to manage her pain and anxiety by using a sensory deprivation tank. I was immediately intrigued. The thought of floating in large 'bath' of epsom salt in utter quiet sounded blissful. And if it could alleviate even a fraction of my mental and physical discomfort then say no more!

"The body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe."

Well, let me just say, another blessing of this illness is I found "floating" and was hooked after my first visit. My muscle aches almost disappeared (didn't last long but it worked!) and my mind was just "ahhhhhh!" Now because I live with inflammatory disease, floating did not cure me by any means but it offered a lot of relief from my debilitating symptoms when nothing else was coming close. I'm so happy to have found this alternative way to manage pain and to take my meditation practice to an entirely new and awesome level. As a part of a whole-body wellness program, "floating" will always be a self-care practice to relieve muscle soreness from exercise and to simply help my body age a little more gracefully and with less pain. I highly recommend everyone give it a try, at least ONCE in their lifetime. It's a unique experience that is unlike any other!

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