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En Bloc Implant Removal - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

What is En Bloc removal? - The capsule and the implant are removed in one piece, with the implant still within the balloon of scar tissue capsule. Imagine your capsule is like a balloon of scar around the implant. Many times, particularly with older implants, the actual breast implant shell may not be intact, but the capsule (the scar the body made around the implant years ago) which surrounds the implant IS. When removing the implant, the 'cut' is made directly around the capsule, and gently dissected from the surrounding tissue. With full en bloc the implant is not visible at all. The process of keeping the scar tissue capsule intact until it has been completely removed from the body can better ensure any leaking silicone will not contaminate the surrounding tissues.

Further information on en bloc, capsulectomy, surgeon questions/recommendations, etc:


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