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2/14/19 - Bye Bye to the career I LOVE :(

Updated: May 1, 2019

Explant scheduled 3/11/19

Symptoms: too weak to work, lethargic, PAIN, nausea, flu-like, just YUCK!

My career as a personal trainer/health coach isn't a "job"...it's my PASSION! I absolutely LOVE spending my life helping others live healthy HAPPY lives but how am I supposed to help my clients when I'm too sick to even help MYSELF?!?! So many lives are affected by breast implant illness, not just those suffering with the illness but the lives of those around them...families, friends, children...EVERYONE is affected on some level. The reality of the magnitude of what BII does to a life is almost beyond comprehension!

"A beautiful life is one where you are happy with yourself no matter what others think."

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