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7/9/19 - Explant = Healing PROOF...BII is NOT Menopause!!

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Explanted 3/11/19

"I smile when I catch God watching me through the eyes of a horse." ~ Kevin Weatherby

The GOOFY duo is back together again!

I have been an avid horseback rider since I was a child, enjoying several equine sports like ranch cattle sorting, obstacle challenges, trail riding, horse camping, you name it, I've probably tried it. Sadly, however, chronic inflammation in my body caused debilitating pain in my legs and hips so I lost the ability to sit comfortably in the saddle and the rocking motion of my horse...OUCH!! Add overwhelming struggles with anxiety when I would try to ride (no fun for my horse who fed off my fear) and I had to make the difficult decision to hang up the 'reins' for a very long while. One by one, breast implant illness stripped me of everything I love to do in life, literally taking away my ability to LIVE! But, thanks to EXPLANT, I am THRILLED to be "back in the saddle again!!" I may be back aboard my loyal steed, but getting my 'groove' back will be a SLOW process. I am literally having to start from the beginning, building my body back from 'the ground up'. What a humbling experience this journey continues to be. It's like having to start life all over again and yet I'm choosing to be GRATEFUL that I am actually ALIVE! I could live in frustration for all that I have lost and be angry about having been sent 'backward' in my life...OR...I can choose to embrace the gift of getting my health back and feel BLESSED by the opportunity to relearn some things in life and trust that I will learn them even BETTER the second time around. I choose a POSITIVE outlook so door #2 it is! On many levels I feel like a child again and having endured such a traumatic childhood, I see this healing journey as God's way of giving me a 'do over' so I can learn some life lessons without being surrounded by the chaos I faced in my past. This 'second chance' will allow me to live more grounded and peaceful as I continue grow through life's challenges. And as I continue to find healing, both physically and spiritually, I am embracing a depth of growth I never imagined possible. Slowly but surely the LONG list of symptoms I have been struggling with for most of my adult life are fading away and with every lost symptom, I am being 'born again' into a healthier and much HAPPIER version of me!

Making progress on my healing journey by LEAPS & bounds so I can do THIS again someday!!!

"We lose ourselves in the things we LOVE. We find ourselves there too." ~ Kristin Martz

"Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." ~ Buddha

Menopausal Symptoms VS Breast Implant Illness Symptoms


BII - Overwhelming; bedridden most days; no motivation to live; body aches; body feels heavy; hard to move; no amount of rest helps improve strength.

Menopause - Slightly lethargic but still motivated to "do life"; rest/napping helps; no pain associated with it.


BII - Unable to DEEP sleep; no dreaming; agitated sleep due to anxiety and pain.

Menopause - Slight insomnia and disrupted sleep intermittently...not all the time! Sleep should be worse due to hormone fluctuations but EXPLANT = able to finally enjoy deep sleep and DREAM again!!


BII - Overwhelming and CONSTANT; panic attacks; want to jump out of my own skin; nervous energy ALL THE TIME!

Menopause - Slight agitation some days but EXPLANT = feeling more CHILL than I have in years; nervous energy is dissipating and I feel myself living SLOWER, more in the PRESENT and more peaceful every day :)


BII - Overwhelming and CONSTANT; suicidal thoughts; irritated all the time; no zest for life AT ALL!

Menopause - Sad some days but can connect with others and still feel motivated to LIVE! Most days I feel more JOY in my heart than I have in years :)

Hot Flashes/Night Sweats:

BII - Unable to sweat much at all = body cannot naturally DETOX itself or regulate body temperature.

Menopause - Hot flashes and night sweats daily but I'm actually able to EMBRACE my body's ability to sweat as a way to continue to flush TOXINS so I have learned to welcome each episode as it comes (we can find a BLESSING everywhere if we just LOOK hard enough!)

Dry Skin/Hair:

BII - Hair breakage and dryness; severely dry skin = lotion ALWAYS required

Menopause - Slight hair loss but less dry post EXPLANT; skin oils have returned to normal = more youthful natural GLOW :)

Brain Fog/Memory Loss:

BII - Unable to speak or form words; "spaced out"; slurred speech/mumbling; "what am I doing here?"

Menopause - Forget where I put my keys or put a fridge item in the cupboard but still CONSCIOUS and able to form thoughts!

Increased Sensitivity to Pain:

BII - Debilitating pain ALL THE TIME and in every fiber of my being!

Menopause - Some days I feel more sore or uncomfortable due to hormone fluctuations (or exercise!) but it's MINIMAL and does not affect my performance in any way...I can still MOVE and LIVE life very comfortably.

Bladder Control:

BII - Incontinent most days

Menopause - Some leakage if I eat too much sugar or acidic foods but otherwise NON ISSUE...YAY!

Bottom line is this...menopause is a "change" that all women will endure and it affects every BODY differently based on genetics, lifestyle, and the overall health of each individual. The same goes for breast implant illness but the fact still remains, BII involves TOXINS that cause dis-EASE within the body and can lead to death; menopause causes fluctuations in the body that are a NATURAL transition within our physical being. The symptoms may be similar but I can speak from experience, all BII symptoms feel overwhelmingly harsh and you don't feel a 'change' happening within your being, you literally feel your body DYING! I could seriously deal with menopausal symptoms for the rest of my life in comparison to what my body has been through with BII. I guess that's another BLESSING in having lived with such a debilitating illness for so many years...the other bodily struggles are a walk in the park!! Aches and pains, "the change", health struggles that come with aging...BRING IT ON...c'mon ladies, after the BII struggle, all else is no sweat...WE GOT THIS!!!

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