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5/28/19 - Dental Work = Symptom SETBACK & ALL Toxins BE GONE!!

Explanted 3/11/19

Symptoms: Bleeding gums + soreness around metal crown = DENTAL WORK...causing fibromyalgia PAIN and feeling unwell


Health IMPROVEMENTS: Getting stronger YAY & stamina is increasing! Wanting to exercise on a regular basis = motivation to LIVE!!!

As I continue to grow through this healing journey, I am challenged by the process of having to look at my life as a WHOLE, to recognize and admit that removing my TOXIC boobs was only the first step to finding optimum health and PEACE. Coming to terms with the reality of this illness was only the slightest lift of a vale that has been clouding my perception of life since I was a child. I continue to be humbled by this journey, learning more about life and about myself than I ever imagined. My mind has been a toxic cesspool stemming from a life of trauma and hardship and never having learned healthy coping mechanisms, I have been storing all the pain and struggle within my body. As I continue to grow closer to God, allowing Him to guide me through my healing journey, I'm finally learning that no matter how hard I try to help myself, I alone will NEVER be strong enough to overcome. HE is the only way I will stand strong against my self-loathing thoughts & insecurities. He is the only way I will ever be FREE from my hurtful ways. Through this journey of letting go of my boobs, I am finally learning to let go of my old misguided ways, those that have only caused me personal harm and struggle. What an amazing experience, to relieve my body of not only toxic implants but becoming fully aware of my toxic SELF. I am so grateful to be on the road to FREEDOM, to live in peace and harmony with myself, to be SAVED!!

"What feels like the end is often the BEGINNING."

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