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5/19/19 - Travels to NYC = PROOF "The Heal Is Officially VERY REAL!"

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Explanted 3/11/19

Symptoms: Very slight head HUM (not everyday anymore & quieter volume!), leg/butt/hip muscle soreness BUT not tight/inflexible as before (sore from EXERCISE now!), anxiety levels still high (central nervous system still struggling a bit), sugar intolerance remains, double vision only after computer/phone time (not after meals anymore!)


Health IMPROVEMENTS: Consistent ENERGY day after day (less napping required!), motivation and ability to EXERCISE regularly, food sensitivities decreasing (yay BREAD!), increased flexibility in shoulders and LEGS/BUTT/HIPS :)

We may have rescued him but God also sent him to SAVE US!

In every hardship, there is always a BLESSING and one of my greatest ones throughout this difficult journey with breast implant illness has four legs, scraggly hair, and makes my heart SMILE every day :) Because my nervous system is still having a tough time 'recalibrating' after explant, I am still struggling with anxiety and feelings of overwhelm most days. I have learned how to limit stimulation by avoiding TV, keeping phone and computer activities to a minimum and do not socialize much right now. But I don't plan on staying a hermit forever and miss the company of others. After having discussed my options with my doctors and therapist, and pills NOT possible right now with my overly sensitive body, we decided to try another 'alternative method' of enducing CHILL. We had recently adopted Lil' Oliver Clark from a local foster home and his quiet demeanor and loving heart is apparently just what the doctor ordered; he is officially my doctor prescribed 'SERVICE PUP' :) I take him everywhere and when feelings of panic or overwhelm strike, a quick pup snuggle, PRAYER and soothing self-talk will usually do the trick! The calming energy of an animal can be so powerful. He keeps my heart lifted and my focus on "HAPPY" which is so important to promote healing. The power of positivity my friends...surround yourself with anything and EVERYTHING that makes you feel happy, healthy and full of life and it is guaranteed we WILL find healing and live the joyful life God intended!

"Petting, scratching and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer." ~ Dean Koontz

Lil' Oliver Clark "SERVICE PUP" Tackles The BIG APPLE

"Playing with, cuddling, or even just touching our pets is another way to practice mindfulness, though this act may be both underrated and overlooked."

"By definition, mindfulness is the ability to both live each moment as it unveils itself and accept every moment without judgment. The practice of mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress and enhance overall health and well-being. Many activities can enhance mindfulness. Among these are yoga, massage, prayer, meditation, crafts, art, and running, as well as any number of others.

"Emotional support animals do not require any particular training, but they are still often able to soothe the emotional upsets of owners who have experienced trauma by being present as loving friends and offering support and connection through simple companionship. This offers us a unique way to cope with emotional entanglements and other challenges throughout the process of addressing trauma-related struggles...

"We encounter difficult emotions after a traumatic event in part because these events can become haunting and preclude us from living in the present moment. We may find ourselves overthinking what happened, ruminating, and re-experiencing it. Mindfulness, a concept gaining prominence in recent mental health discussions, can help thwart these effects...

Read Article HERE: https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/emotional-support-animals-can-help-us-heal-recover-from-trauma-0921175

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