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5/10/19 - Learning REST = Healing "In God's Timing!"

Explanted 3/11/19

Symptoms: Leg & hip muscle pain/sore/weak, central nervous system issues continue, low insulin levels/blood sugar imbalances, head HUM, chronic fatigue, malaise


Health IMPROVEMENTS: Feeling STRONGER on my 'better' days, neuropathy GONE, learning the positive affects of REST ("it does a body GOOD!"), feel THE HEAL more all the time :)

This journey continues to teach me so much about life and, more importantly, about MYSELF! Although I often find the healing process overwhelming, sometimes downright FRUSTRATING, there is also a major blessing in my search to BE WELL. In an attempt to find ways to live with less pain and with more overall 'systemic peace', I have learned so many alternative ways we can help our bodies and minds. As I continue to learn, I hope that my sharing my journey will enlighten others to recognize the power we all have to 'will ourselves WELL'. It truly comes down to this...First, we must BELIEVE we can find healing and I mean a belief DEEP within ourselves...that we DESERVE to live a life with less pain and suffering. Once we embrace this belief, we can take the necessary steps to embark on the journey to find the remedies that will help promote healing and help us sustain and fully LIVE a life of health and happiness :)

"True healing is the willingness to treat yourself and others better than the past ever did." ~ Matt Kahn

My current HEALING Rx

#1 = Prayer and GOD...without my FAITH, nothing else works, nothing else MATTERS!

* Weekly Bioenergetic Therapy: After a lifetime of traditional cognitive therapy, reading multiple self-help books, and oftentimes choosing 'unhealthy' ways of coping with emotional imbalance struggles due to childhood and adulthood trauma, this particular modality has been the only one that has brought about MAJOR breakthroughs on my mental health healing journey! Along with traditional 'talk therapy', we have used EMDR and Somatic Experiencing to allow me to gain a deeper connection to the memories being 'trapped' within my physical body. The mind/body connection is POWERFUL...I'm learning more about the connection of life experiences to the body's migration towards dis-EASE all the time. Finding the right practitioner is SO IMPORTANT! You must feel SAFE and trust that your therapist really CARES about your wellbeing. Laura Partridge, MA, MFT has CHANGED MY LIFE! Here's a link to the facility I visit regularly with multiple qualified GOOD therapists and explains more about this type of therapy: http://thecenterforselfdiscovery.com/advanced_therapy.html.

"Bioenergetics psychotherapists believe that there is a correlation between the mind and the body. What affects the body affects the mind, and what affects the mind affects the body. The psychological defenses one uses to handle the pain and stress of life are also anchored in the body. They appear in the body as unique muscular patterns that inhibit self-expression. These patterns can be identified and understood by bioenergetics psychotherapists who know how to look at the structure, movement, and breathing patterns in a person’s body."

Read More HERE: https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/what-is-bioenergetic-therapy/

* Bi-weekly ACUPUNCTURE: My acupuncturist is AWESOME! Her treatments continue to help me balance my central nervous system, lessen chronic pain, relieve anxiety and depression, and MORE. Below is a link to her recent newsletter email regarding acupuncture for chronic fatigue. If you live near her location, I highly recommend giving her a try, she will NOT disappoint :) "A 2017 meta-analysis, titled 'A Systematic Review of Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome', revealed encouraging news for patients suffering from symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Published in the Journal of Acupuncture Research", the study found that acupuncture treatment can significantly alleviate fatigue and pain."

Read More HERE: http://view.health.ibemail.com/?qs=187825d0aa0cf1aeb5fd2e61f85f9810bb0847281f8f3f30d1ba36925c587b42f4ea4bee8d804adfe4f605ac61493e206f73fbaa4279abbb305fd23cbb2dab751c276c58810db0b52c94782ae8e490b6

* Bi-weekly CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY: "Craniosacral therapy (or CST) is a non-invasive, manual therapy performed on the head, skull and sacrum by certain trained chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists and massage therapists. Craniosacral massage involves light, “barely noticeable” adjustments, which is why CST is referred to as a “subtle therapy.” CST practitioners take a holistic approach to helping their clients, combining mind-body practices including soft tissue adjustments, massage, “healing touch,” deep breathing and other relaxation techniques."

Read More HERE: https://draxe.com/craniosacral-therapy/

* Weekly DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE/ASSISTED STRETCH: To improve range of motion in hips and upper body due to lack of movement as well as relieve pain in muscles from autoimmune inflammatory response

* Weekly PERSONAL TRAINING: To improve imbalance issues and weakness due to illness

* Weekly GENTLE YOGA/GUIDED MEDITATION: To facilitate parasympathetic nervous system activation to create a CALM body for better healing :)

* Daily DETOX: Alternate Epsom Salt Bath and Infrared Sauna Treatments to help flush the body of TOXINS to facilitate deeper healing

Recommended Reading

"Using extraordinary cases of spontaneous healing, Dr. Rankin shows how thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can alter the body’s physiology. She lays out the scientific data proving that loneliness, pessimism, depression, fear, and anxiety damage the body, while intimate relationships, gratitude, meditation, sex, and authentic self-expression flip on the body’s self-healing processes."

Read More HERE: https://lissarankin.com/book/mind-over-medicine

"The changes that occur in the physical body can be quite pronounced. As internal healing begins, a host of minor health issues will improve. From aches and pains to a mole just dropping off to hearing improving, anything is possible when the body is allowed to tend to itself."

Read More HERE: https://www.allaboutfasting.com/benefit-of-fasting.html

"I believe Fung has written an excellent, if not the best, book on how to implement extended fasting. If you're overweight or struggle with chronic illness, I highly recommend getting "The Complete Guide to Fasting," as it will really guide you through the process."

Read More HERE:


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