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4/8/19 - "Perfect Storm" = Healing CRISIS!

Explanted 3/11/19

Continuing Symptoms: Head HUM, dry eyes/skin/hair, double vision, headaches, falling over/vertigo, deep chest 'burn' (muscle healing??), SEVERE chronic fatigue, intermittent depression, muscle pain/weakness


Health Improvements: Toxic body odor and bad breath GONE, neuropathy GONE, anxiety levels decreasing (YAY feeling relaxed!), better quality sleep :)

"Healing isn't about changing who you are; it's about changing your relationship to who you are. A fundamental part of that is honoring how you feel." ~ Suzanne Heyn

It is a known fact that stress KILLS! I am living proof that the body can only take so much BUT if we choose to WAKE UP and recognize what we need to do to change our lives, to find more PEACE from within, I firmly believe anyone can find their way to living a healthier HAPPIER life. Removing the TOXIC bags from my body was just the start of an incredible transformation in my way of 'being'. But surgery was just the beginning of what has become the more incredible experience. I had to find another way to exist in my bedridden reality, to accept what I have lost. I could continue 'cry in my wheaties' or dig deep and find the strength to KEEP GOING. For me, Jesus lights the way to my 'health SALVATION'. He has never steered me wrong and the relationship I have formed with Him through this terrifying battle for my life will always be the biggest BLESSING of my life!

"Praise the Lord, who carries our burdens day after day; He is the God who saves us." ~ Psalm 68:19

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