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4/8/19 - Detox & ADRENAL Struggle … "Keep The FAITH"

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

28 days POST EXPLANT … Symptoms: deep chest muscle burning (healing??), head HUM, dry eyes/skin, double vision, falling over/vertigo (low blood pressure??), SEVERE chronic fatigue, intermittent depression, muscle pain/weakness, involuntary muscle contractions, intermittent DETOX nausea


Health IMPROVEMENTS: Toxic breath still GONE, toxic body odor diminishing, neuropathy minimal, fibromyalgia minimal, able to DEEP SLEEP, less anxiety and tension, detox headaches subsiding, able to really SWEAT :)

"Taking care of YOU, means the people in your life will receive the best of you, rather than what's left of you."

Thank you GOD for this 'pillow view' as I find HEALING :)

My bed has become by life. Since my last post on 3/31/19, I've spent most days sleeping, resting, meditating, praying, sleeping MORE...or just staring into space. My current DETOX "cycle"... I will have 1 'stronger' day (motivation & energy to do some computer work, talk on the phone with a friend, or read) then 3-4 'weaker' days (sleep most of the day or stare into space, no desire to do ANYTHING) Every day I will encourage myself to at least enjoy a slow walk in the large horse arena and do light work in the goat yard for at least 20-30 minutes no matter how weak I feel, just to keep myself moving and feed my body some fresh air and sunshine :)

While my body is trying to overcome the stress of surgery and to recalibrate all systems now that it no longer needs to fight the TOXINS within, it seems that SLEEP is the only remedy. I personally went into surgery with a very damaged and depleted body. Among all other systemic malfunctions and debilitating symptoms, I believe my endocrine system abnormalities, mainly my ADRENAL GLANDS, have played one of the largest roles in my declining health and the stress of explant surgery was the 'last straw'. My poor body has nothing left to help fight its way back to health right now. It's just DONE. But knowing I'm the one that caused a lot of this damage by choosing to implant toxic bags inside myself and by pushing so hard for so long when my body was begging me to slow down, I feel I owe it to myself to accept my current 'lifeless' reality and give my body exactly that it needs to get well...rest, rest, REST! It's been very difficult to give in, to really LET GO of the fight to want to be well NOW...but with God's help, by go and giving my circumstance to HIM, I slowly feel my perception of my current reality beginning to shift. I'm starting to feel more comfortable living with what 'IS'...in this quiet, less active, peaceful state of being.

A quote from this morning's journal entry: "Every day I'm trying harder to live in the NOW - focusing on my current reality, not where I used to be or what is to come. I'm trying very hard to embrace each moment as it comes and to live in full acceptance of that moment - no judgement, no expectation - just existing in each moment and accepting my reality in the NOW for what it is, not wanting to change it in any way."

This GIT R DUN girl, the go-go-GO girl has never known any other way of living other than FAST and FURIOUS. The words written from my journal above look almost foreign to me but they remind me that not only is my body undergoing a difficult but necessary transformation, but God has also blessed me with an AMAZING spiritual transformation, a complete SHIFT in perception and existence that I truly believe will be the biggest BLESSING of my life! Who would have ever thought that a DETOX of body could initiate a much needed DETOX of soul?!?! And to recognize this transformation is taking place during the Lenten season in Christian belief, what a fitting time for me to endure suffering, as Christ did. As God carried Christ through his overwhelming struggle, He continues to carry me as well. I can feel Jesus helping me carry this 'heavy cross' as I fight for my health. He is with me no matter how alone or overwhelmed this healing journey continues to be. And God willing I will be 'resurrected' to a BETTER life, a stronger version of myself, filled with a renewed sense of inner peace, what I've been searching for my entire life. For all of us undergoing this very frightening and overwhelming experience, maybe we can continue to overcome the fear and anxiety of this unknown journey with the HOPE of a new and overall IMPROVED self: body, mind, and SOUL. I truly believe we could all be BETTER for it :)

DETOX Protocol Continues to GROW... Adrenals need HELP!!

What are ADRENAL GLANDS anyway?!?! Glad you asked because they play a HUGE role in our overall health and wellbeing. In brief...they help regulate metabolism, blood pressure, stress response, immune system, and other essential functions.

After housing TOXIC chemicals within our bodies for so many years, most of us are dealing with systemic malfunction or abnormality on some level. A lot of us have overworked ADRENALS because our bodies remained in "fight or flight" mode 24-7-365 (every single moment!) for YEARS trying to desperately to remove the 'invader' that was causing harm. When we choose to EXPLANT, although it is freeing out body from the toxins, the surgery itself and post explant detox are also putting our bodies under major STRESS which can cause some of us to get much worse after implant removal. Our already depleted systems have to work hard to recalibrate themselves, to overcome DETOX, and to initiate HEALING. After all we have put our bodies through, this is the time we must offer nothing but love and support. And supporting the adrenal glands is a great place to start!!

"Detoxification is often recommended to help reduce the amount of cellular waste the body has to deal with. For those with adrenal exhaustion this is clearly important. However, what people fail to realize is that getting rid of the rubbish that’s clogging up cells can place an additional burden on an already overworked system. For this reason, knowing how to detox safely is of paramount importance if you plan to embark on a program."

Read Article HERE: https://adrenalfatiguesolution.com/how-to-detox-with-adrenal-fatigue/

Time to belly up to the SALINE DRIP bar :)

Hydration plays a very important role in the DETOX process but since adrenals are also responsible for water and electrolyte balance within the body, overly 'TIRED' adrenals can often struggle to keep hydration in balance for a period of time after surgery. In reality, most of us have been dealing with hydration issues for years leading up to explant (dry eyes, dry skin, brittle hair, etc) so, again, our body needs time to 'reset' and get all systems functioning NORMAL now. On my healing journey, I personally find that no matter how much water I drink, even adding sea salt or drinking coconut water for electrolytes, I cannot stay hydrated which is causing severe muscle pain/weakness, low blood pressure and overwhelming fatigue. I started thinking "why did I feel so good right after surgery as far as my muscle pain and improved blood pressure?!?!" And FLUIDS popped into my head!! So, back in research mode I went and, in this day in age, when everything is available at the touch of button, OF COURSE there is 'IV Saline Drip' delivery service!! Ha, who knew?!?! My legs felt SO GOOD after IV therapy and my blood pressure improved which helped with my energy levels. It also helped my infrared sauna session work more efficiently; all the fluid in my tissues made for an awesome SWEAT session and again my legs felt so much RELIEF...toxins BE GONE!! (Sauna to be discussed in separate BLOG)

I think adding this 'fluid therapy' during this more difficult DETOX period can really assist the body in getting over the healing crisis 'hump'. At this point I'm willing to try anything to HELP myself find the deep healing my body truly deserves! These in-home services are not available everywhere but wanted to share the link for those that might want to give it a try. There are also spa type places that offer similar treatments so do some research in your area. I also plan on talking with my doctor to see if there are similar treatments available by her 'order' that might offer insurance coverage assistance :)

Cleanse | I.V. Hydration Therapy

"Cleanse is our basic treatment for dehydration. It quickly rehydrates your body on a cellular level and replenishes essential minerals and electrolytes. Improves blood supply to vital organs while purifying your body from daily chemicals you are exposed to." MORE INFO: https://www.theivdoc.com/services/wellness-treatments

As we all know, every body reacts differently to illness, treatments, etc. so I believe it is imperative that we stay in constant communication with our physicians and/or naturopaths to share our ideas on improving our health during our post explant journey. Before attempting any new treatment protocol it is a good idea to check with a doctor first. They can help keep us SAFE as we detox and offer even more ideas on how to help our bodies find complete healing :)

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