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4/29/19 - Elated With My 'ITTY BITTY' Body...The Power of PRESENCE!!

Explanted 3/11/19

Symptoms: Leg & hip muscle pain/sore/weak, central nervous system issues continue, low cortisol levels (Addison's Disease??)


Health IMPROVEMENTS: More STRONG days back to back, able to venture out in public more (YAY CHURCH!), upper back and posture much improved...FULLY embracing the ITTY BITTYS :)

When we find ourselves having a SLOW healing journey, frustration and anxiety can often run rampant, while our minds keep remembering what WAS or wishing for what COULD BE. I continue to struggle with low spirits from time to time but I'm learning that the best way to stay positive and in 'the NOW' is to focus on the subtle and sometimes even TINY improvements as they appear. After so many years of struggle and discomfort in my ailing body, I'm doing my best to see every movement towards better health as something GRAND. To many, these seemingly small changes in my body may not equate to much but to someone who found themselves knocking on death's door, absolutely ANY improvements are welcomed and PRAISED! And yet another miracle of this illness is my having to learn how to be fully PRESENT in this life, moment by moment, in order to actually notice the changes as they come. My ability to stay present is the only way I'm able to stay POSITIVE :)

"Embrace and love your body; it's the most amazing gift you will ever own..."

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