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4/23/19 - Healing = 'SLOTH Pace' Required!

Explanted 3/11/19

Symptoms: Leg & hip muscle pain/sore/weak, central nervous system issues continue, insulin running low (sugar drunk!)


Health IMPROVEMENTS: Weaker days are still BETTER than before, body detoxifying from sugar treats more quickly, neuropathy GONE, upper back discomfort GONE, just look and feel BETTER :)

Learning that SLOW and steady is still not slow enough. Having lived a life of GO GO GO, active and moving ALL THE TIME, it's very difficult to learn how to slow down enough to really allow my body to fully heal. Compared to my previous way of living, this current reality feels like I'm moving at 'sloth pace' but in reality, I'm learning that my damaged body needs me to practically STOP to allow for proper healing. Truth be told, I've never really been comfortable being STILL and now I'm forced to find a way to embrace it. With a nervous system that simply cannot absorb much stimulation or movement, the only time I really feel WELL is when I'm being quiet, in body and MIND: meditation, prayer, sleep, ZONING OUT...just staring into space has become the norm and is often the only time I feel at PEACE in my skin. Still coming to terms with my new reality but trying very hard to stay positive while I embrace this healing journey and take life as it was intended, ONE DAY AT A TIME :)

"The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time." ~ Abraham Lincoln

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