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4/15/19 - Time To Shout "The Heal Is REAL!!"

Explanted 3/11/19

Symptoms: Leg & hip muscle pain/sore/weak, nervous system issues = head HUM, involuntary muscle contraction (stress response is STUCK!), can only take minimal TV, phone, social stimulation, unable to drive much


Health Improvements: Much better ENERGY … YAY!!

The stress of surgery did quite a number on my already DEPLETED body which lead to my 'healing crisis' but THANK GOD my body has turned a corner and I can finally see a bright shiny light at the end of what was becoming a very NARROW tunnel :) Now it's just a matter of my learning to really listen to my body and to allow healing to continue on ITS terms...NOT what my mind thinks should be happening based on my previous way of life. Time to really LET GO and just let the process play out...in God's timing. Yet another test in patience and TRUST. I will forever be humbled by this experience and yet eternally grateful for the life lessons I continue to learn. Just when we think we've got life all figured out, the universe throws another curve ball to remind us why we are here...to learn and to GROW!

"TRUST GOD'S TIMING * He makes all things beautiful in His Time." ~ Sarah Wehrli

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