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3/5/19 - When did I turn into my 90 year old granny?!?!

Explant scheduled 3/11/19

Symptoms: severe muscle soreness (tight hips/legs), weak muscles, winded with minimal activity, agitated/anxiety

Prior to the rapid decline in my health, my typical day often consisted of a one hour cardio and strength workout in the morning (G FORCE class) followed by 2-3 hours with clients, often walking our block with them to warm up (lots of hills). I would usually have the afternoon free from clients but still performed ranch chores, housework, paperwork, walk the dog, etc. then would often have another client in the evening or teach another G FORCE class so another full workout. Yes, some days were busier than others and some more of a struggle but I could at least DO IT. Now, fast forward a few months and I can't walk without debilitating pain and I'm out of breath after just moving around the house! WTH?!?! It is so unbelievable what breast implant illness does to the body! I'm still in SHOCK every time I watch these videos and see myself not looking AT ALL like ME! Just WOW! I may still be struggling to say 'goodbye' to these tatas and I'm definitely very SAD about what's to come but, DAMN, I want my life back. I want to lift weights, run, swim, hike, bike, ride my horse, PLAY PLAY PLAY again!! These boobs have taken so much of what's important in life from me, so it's time I commit to what's important and say "LATER" to what is not...these friggin TOXIC DEATH BAGS...BE GONE!!!

"I want to live my life in a way that when I get really old, I look back at my life and say: aaah I lived it, not survived it." ~ Kate Moss

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