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3/23/19 - Detox UPDATE & TIPS

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Post Explant WEEK TWO:

> 100-120 OZ spring water DAILY

> Bathing 2-4 times DAILY to remove toxins from sweat and oily skin; mild exfoliation with washcloth and gentle skin brush; mild soap and bubble bath

> No deodorant or perfumes; mild body and face lotions (no fragrance); no makeup; no nail polish; no hair products

> Minimal external stimulation (limited family/friend visits, minimal TV and phone)

> Lots of REST, reading, PRAYER, meditation

> Deep breathing exercises

> Limited exercise (daily SLOW walk outside approx. 10-15 min) - sunlight & fresh air promotes HEALING :)

> Eat or read OUTDOORS - Nature promotes HEALING :)

> Chew my food more thoroughly to help facilitate more efficient digestion and to avoid further stomach cramping

> Clean eating (avoiding processed foods and processed sugar, limited fruit, lots of VEGGIES)


* Multivitamin

* L-Glutamine Powder (promotes healthy gut)

* Probiotic

* Fish Oil

* Iron

* Vitamin D

* OsteoForce (for bones/osteopenia)

* coQ10

Always READ LABELS on supplements to ensure no unnecessary additives or allergies


BREAKFAST: gluten free oatmeal mixed with Pea Protein Powder or Hemp Protein Powder, coconut manna, organic wheat grass powder, cinnamon, sea salt

Mid Morning SNACK: 1/2 green apple, organic all natural almond butter, bone broth

LUNCH: wild caught sardines in olive oil, brussels sprouts, broccoli, acorn squash, sea salt

Afternoon SNACK: small handful frozen organic blueberries/strawberry blend, small handful pistachios, bone broth

DINNER: organic grilled chicken breast or wild caught grilled salmon, sautéed spinach topped with olive oil, steamed carrots, sea salt

Evening SNACK: organic PLAIN gluten free rice cake topped with all natural pecan butter & organic apple butter

Every meal is BALANCED and each meal contains ALL macronutrients: Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat. These are ALL required in each meal to help keep our blood sugar levels balanced and help the body run efficiently throughout the day, especially when it comes to DETOX and to promote HEALING!

All products are usually ALL NATURAL, organic and with no additives (especially NO ADDED SUGAR)

Here's what I use :)

"To keep the body in GOOD HEALTH is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind STRONG and CLEAR." ~ Buddha

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