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3/12/19 - Did the surgeon use a SLEDGEHAMMER?!?!

Updated: May 2, 2019

Explanted 3/11/19

Symptoms: nausea, anesthesia HANGOVER, profuse sweating, intense PAIN, lack of appetite, headaches

An overly sensitive body allows for NO PAIN MEDS! Talk about being really in tune with your body, no choice now. The long road to recovery starts now. I know my body has a long way to go to find healing, but today I realize that my spirit has a way to go as well. I am not ready to embrace this new version of myself and that, too, will be part of my healing process, truly probably the most important. Coming to terms with loving myself, no matter the reflection in the mirror, to embrace the light that shines within and to accept that light as WHO I am, not this package I wear, I truly believe THAT is why God brought me on this journey. He knew I had to be humbled, to stop trying to prove my worth by means of appearance (physique, aesthetics, BOOBS!) in order to have the opportunity to really GROW. My struggles with self-love and self-acceptance have been lacking my entire life, and I believe God has decided I'm finally ready to learn to let go of the traumas of my past in order to embrace the future HE has planned. Letting go of my own reality, what I think is important, surrendering FULLY, I will finally be able to live out my true purpose in life, and if giving up my boobs was necessary to fulfill such an amazing gift, then BOOBS BE GONE! It's gonna be hard to face but I WILL get there!

"Within you is the light of a thousand suns. Within you is unimaginable beauty." ~ Robert Adams

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