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3/11/19 - Road to Healing, Explant DONE!

Symptoms: nausea, anesthesia HANGOVER, unknown bad 'toxic' breath GONE, severe muscle tightness/weakness/soreness in legs is GONE!

With an overly sensitive body and going into surgery being so depleted, I experienced a lot of adverse affects of the anesthesia and pain medications upon waking. It was very overwhelming and frightening at times. BUT even with all that happening, my body was kind enough to bless me with the answer I needed, that the surgery was the right thing to do and HEALING was in my future. Only one hour after surgery, my debilitating leg/butt/hip muscle pain was GONE! And my breath, didn't know that was even an issue but to hear that the TOXIC stench that was resonating from within me was also GONE, I had all the HOPE I needed to carry me through the rest of the day, no matter how difficult it was. The answer to my question: "Is this the answer to so many of my health struggles and will giving up my boobs really help me get my life back?" screamed to me loud and clear "YES, you have finally listened to my cries and were willing to give up what you thought was so important to you to SAVE ME, your loyal body that has fought for you every day of your life...so THANK YOU and you will find healing again!" God is GOOD!!!

"This is where the healing begins. This is where the healing starts. When you come to where you're broken within, the light meets the dark."

VIDEO BELOW: My body underwent an 'anesthesia crisis' post surgery. After being pumped with so many drugs, my heart was racing, shortness of breath, PANIC ATTACK waiting to happen. It was INTENSE and I honestly thought I was going to DIE in these few moments. It finally passed but it did take my body a lot longer to recover after surgery than a lot of patients. Even hours later at home I was still shaking profusely and very sick. Just goes to show, my body was so damaged from this illness going into surgery, it really struggled to keep me going afterwards. I pray others will not wait until they are so sick because this is NO FUN AT ALL!

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