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2/28/19 - Mental SHIFT..the power of PRAYER!

Explant Scheduled 3/11/19

Symptoms: better energy day YAY, neuropathy HIGH (EMF bothering me, FitBit, phones, etc)

When I realized all my health struggles were attributed to breast implant illness, I was THRILLED to have an answer but DEVASTATED by what that meant, that I would have to let go of the body I have found security in for my whole adult life. I cried and cried and CRIED about it, terrified about how I was going to look without my boobs. I've been obsessed with boobs since I was a child and when I didn't develop as I had hoped, I was so relieved to have the option to alter my figure with implants. To finally have the body I so desired, far from perfect but better than the 'itty bitty titty' alternative, these boobs made me feel 'complete'. So I just couldn't imagine how I could exist without them...still struggling with the thought of it as I write these words. There is still a fear inside, an insecurity about what is to come...the unknown is still haunting. BUT...after lots of prayers from those following my journey and my own surrender to God to help me through this, the mind has begun to SHIFT. To visit the surgeon and NOT ONCE ask about how I will look is HUGE for me! Of course I did start to mull it over in my head as we drove home, questioning myself as to why I didn't at least talk a little bit about the aesthetics to ensure the surgeon and I were still on the same page but I know I will be talking to him again the morning of surgery and I can express any concerns at that time. So, baby steps, right?!?! As I always preach to clients, PROGRESS not perfection. I had moment of clarity of what is really important regarding all of this...major spiritual GROWTH and I firmly believe the prayers of everyone in my life have created this miraculous improvement in my 'being':)

"Prayer continues to provide power - spiritual power. Prayer continues to provide peace - spiritual peace." ~ Thomas S. Monson

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