"To LIVE is the rarest thing in the world.

Most people just exist."

Oscar Wilde

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A fun-loving, ACTIVE woman, I have always lived a life dedicated to helping others and doing my best to get the most out of every day. Sure I've had my struggles with living unhealthy, often choosing a path that lead me to self-destuctive behavior and hardship but I have always found strength from within to really LOOK at my issues and do my part to be BETTER.  I truly believe we are meant to 'stumble' in order to GROW.  As a woman strong in her faith, I have learned to fully embrace every hardship in my life as a way to grow closer to God and to further my own spiritual journey so that I may reap the benefits of a living a completely fulfilled life.  This positive outlook and choice of 'acceptance' is the only way I've been able to survive a life of consistent trauma while also living in a body that has struggled with health issues for as long as I can remember. 


Looking back at my life, although I experienced some health issues as a child, most of my more debilitating symptoms began after aquiring my first set of implants at age 20.  Shortly after, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue symdrome, chronic anxiety and depression, and unexplainable pain (what is now defined as 'fibromyalgia')  As we all do when faced with health struggles, we find a way to COPE and we just keep on moving forward as best we can (for more detailed account of my BII history please view my BLOG "TOXIC Tata Timeline - A Life ROBBED By Breast Implant Illness")  I am very good at putting on 'the face', just smiling my way through my struggles and doing my best to pretend I don't feel pain, that I'm not struggling to survive every day.  What choice do I have???  Who wants to be around someone who complains about pain, mopes around, is SAD??  Nobody wants to live this DARK reality so why would I every chose to bring other people into my living HELL.  I live the "fake it til you make it" every single moment of every single day, on some level.  Yes, some days are easier than others but no day is without some form of discomfort, mentally or physically or BOTH. 

Sadly I believe most of us have the same story about our lives, what a struggle they have become.  In this ever-changing, fast-paced world, we live in a chronic state of STRESS.  Add to that the many 'self-defeating' and 'punishing' TOXIC voices we often hear in our heads from our childhoods that we allow to dictate our current state of being, how can we not cause damage to our bodies over time.  It's the harsh reality of being HUMAN, of being 'cursed' by "THE FALL" (a Biblical rationalization).  Life is HARD, I get that but I truly believe a lot of us (YES ME!) make it harder than it has to be a lot of the time.  But for me personally, this is where my recent health struggles have played a 'Harship = CHANGE FOR GOOD' role in my life.


My journey with breast implant illness has opened my eyes in ways I never imagined, allowing me to really 'SEE' when I didn't even realize I was so blind.  I have grown in my faith and am beyond GRATEFUL for the grace that God has shown me in helping me through this, not only keeping me strong but even allowing me to find an inner HEALING on the other side of this, one I have been searching for my ENTIRE LIFE.  I still have a long way to go.  Explant is only the beginning!!  I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, lots of past hurts to forgive and a lot of mental 'rewiring' to do but now, thanks to the FREEDOM I have found by removing the toxins from my body, I will finally have the energy and motivation to stay strong on my 'life HEALING' journey.   It may still be a difficult road but thanks to my strong FAITH in God, I know that just like all the other life challenges I've been faced with, I will be BETTER on the other side of this, ready to live an even HAPPIER more purposeful life :)

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"When Breast Implant Illness kept me from working, I disappeared.

I don't just have a job,

it's my LIFE...literally! 

I love and LIVE my career;

without it I am NOTHING!"

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* Head HUM / Ear Ringing

* Dizziness / Vertigo / Falling Over

* Muscle PAIN / Weakness

* Joint Pain / Heat

* Abdominal Cramps

* Abdominal "Gnawing"

* Loss of Libido

* Nausea

* Dry Eyes

* Dry Skin

* Double Vision

* Sores/Scabs Inside Nose

* "Body Bugs"

* Neuropathy (walking on glass, SHOCKS)

* Deep Chest Pain

* Neck/Shoulder Pain

* Right Pectoral Pain

* Shortness Of Breath

* Eyes - Dark Circles/Bags

* Chronic Fatigue

My BII Reality

* Malaise (no motivation)

* Depression / Anxiety

* "Busy Mind"

* Bleeding Gums

* Food Sensitivities

* Incontinence

Clinical Diagnoses

> Lupus
> Scleroderma
> Raynaud's Disease
> Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
> Fibromyalgia

Raynaud's Disease

! Numbness

! PAINFUL Pins & Needles Sensation

! Difficulty Bending Fingers

! Hands & Feet

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To Me


Surgical Tape ALLERGY 

(New to ME)

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